Pi Project Hung at Kiggins Theater

The beautifully restored Kiggins Theater in downtown Vancouver (WA) was decorated today with over 1700 digits from The Pi Project.  (More digits exist, but must wait for their proper place to arise before they can be added).  Volunteers worked 4.5 hours to hang all the numbers, looping the ribbon down the walls of the theater itself, out through the lobby, up the stairs and down again to the theater.  Three times.  The “Pi Moment” of 9:26 am was celebrated during the hanging, then it was back to work.

This evening, a mathematics professor will talk about  Pi and a Pi bee might occur.  Then the adult movie “Pi” will be shown at 9:26 pm.

Unfortunately, the ribbon will hang less than 48 hours, as regular business must resume.  However, the Pi Project will be shown again in its entirety (and will possibly be even longer) during the month of May at North Bank Gallery, only two buildings away from The Kiggins.  As it is an art gallery, it will be a very different type of installation from the one at the Theater.  Pictures will appear on this website.  In the meantime, here are some images from The Kiggins Theater.






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