How To Participate

Here are the requirements for your number:

  • Each digit will be on a square of fabric which is 9.5 x 9.5 inches (24 x 24 cm)
  • One number per square
  • The number can be any digit from 0 to 9
  • The number can be any size, any style, any font, but hopefully will not be closer to the edge than 1/4″
  • You can sign your number square with your name if you want, and add your city, state, or country (especially if outside the US), OR just leave it plain.
  • Your fabric can be cotton, canvas, silk, upholstery samples, old dishtowels, whatever, just so long as it is the proper size.
  • Because the artwork could be be displayed outside, it would be best if your square were composed of materials that will not run in the rain.  Also, we have determined from experience that using only glue to hold on sequins, buttons, etc., does not make a successful square, as many of the items fall off.  It is best to stitch them on.  Adhesives such as Wonder Under and Misty Fuse work fine if used to adhere fabric to fabric.
  • Numbers will not be returned and will become part of the artwork

Ways to Create Your Number on your Base:

  • another piece of fabric appliqued on
  • paint                                                                  dye
  • sequins                                                             permanent marker
  • embroidery                                                       stitching
  • beads                                                               buttons
  • silkscreen

Deadline:  There is no longer a deadline.  We will continue as long as the numbers keep arriving.  After all, Pi never ends, either.

Mail all finished numbers to:

The Pi Project
3919 Wauna Vista Dr
Vancouver WA 98661