It’s Never Too Late to Participate!

On March 14, 2015, (3/14/15), we celebrated the first five digits of Pi: 3.1415.  Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, is arguably the most significant number in history. Many celebrate Pi Day each year, but the alignment in 2015 will not occur again for a century.

We celebrated the number Pi by creating a fabric ribbon of its digits, sewn together in their proper sequence.  As of 3/14/15, It stretched over a quarter mile long, with over 1850 digits sent in from around the world.  The ribbon was hung in the magnificent Kiggins Theater in Vancouver, WA on Pi Day.

In the month of May, the ribbon was hung again — in a different format — at North Bank Gallery in Vancouver.  It was an immensely successful exhibit — so much so that we agreed to continue the project for as long as folks sent in numbers.  Help us continue The Pi Project by creating as many digits as you’d like for the ribbon.  Not only is it a fun and educational project, but it places fiber art in the public eye.  School classrooms, quilt guilds, surface design artists, painters, politicians, military personnel, those in law enforcement — and anyone else — are all welcome to send in a digit.  All entries are shown online in our galleries.

Click here to find out how to participate.